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Endurance. Sports. Technology. Our founders embody what it means to put everything on the line, celebrate achievements, reflect on short comings, and bring an idea — the future — a little closer.For decades, our founder, Phil Southerland, has pioneered continuous glucose monitoring and shaped it into the technology it is today.
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Our Roots

Our journey started with our founder, Phil Southerland.

For decades, Phil worked with Abbott and his all-diabetic professional cycling team to pioneer continuous glucose monitoring technology. They helped shape CGM to become what it is today. Years later, with proven and accurate sensors, Supersapiens partnered with Abbott to build the world’s only real-time energy management system for athletes.

Our Future

Supersapiens is for anyone actively trying to get better.

Supersapiens are a community of people who make the conscious effort to always put their health and fitness first. Competitive athletes, weekend warriors, biohackers, yoga practitioners, and especially those of us with no loyalty to sport or modality. We’re living an active lifestyle. We’re trying to get better 24/7, no matter how big or how small. We’re preparing, we’re exercising, we’re recovering. Our mindset and approach to the world is what makes us Supersapiens.

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Behind the Name

Superapiens is about naturally optimizing your performance to train and compete as your best self. Observing your body and tuning it at the molecular level. It’s the next step in human evolution.

Homosapiens Meet Supersapiens

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Homo Sapiens meet Supersapiens

A symbol

The Core

Nkyinkyim is an ancient Adinkra symbol depicting the harsh nature of life's journey. The twists and turns require one to be versatile and resilient to survive — to change; to progress. Life is full of challenges. But that is no excuse to resign to fate. Surrounded by the right community, with the right resources at your disposal, and the right mindset, you will achieve.


Leading The Pack

Supersapiens compete with themselves. We don't compare ourselves to the competition. We compare who we are today with who we were yesterday. We become better every day. Supersapiens is for those, who understand what gets measured, gets managed.Meet the mark. It’s the S of Supersapiens. It’s a twisting mountain road with the leader pushing on at the top. You’re the pack leader.

We help people become better. Glucose stability is the foundation for a better you. We deliver the best insights for lasting positive behaviour change and performance improvements.
To become the most influential sports brand of this generation.
Confident in our offering, unconcerned with competition
Does whatever it takes to unlock greatness
Embracing our humanity, owning it, always learning from it, pushing its limits.
We lead with facts and proof, never puffery
We connect people who obsess progress and help them become better.
Our commitment to you is that knowledge and energy will never be limiting factors.


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