LIVE Glucose On Garmin, Apple Watch, and more

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Supersapiens has partnered with the following third-party fitness wearables and websites to facilitate data to and from the Supersapiens app.

Your Supersapiens app will stream real-time glucose data to your Garmin device, ensuring real-time visibility into your fuelling strategy. The Supersapiens app will also auto-import exercise events created in you Garmin ConnectIQ account. Your phone acts as a bridge between the biosensor and your Garmin device.

Live glucose reading

Know your number at a glance. Know when to fuel to maintain your Glucose Performance Zone.

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Know where your glucose levels are going so you can make decisions to feel better and go faster longer.

At-a-glance glucose insights are now available for millions of Apple Watch users. Powered by the Supersapiens app and the Abbott Libre Sense Glucose Sport Biosensor, this integration prioritises immediate and live readings — perfect for training, post-meal checks, and 24/7 visibility. You can event set glucose as your primary display instead of the time.

Once integrated, your Supersapiens app will auto-import Oura activity and sleep events along with key data points like Resting Heart Rate and Heart Rate Variability. Automatic event creation in the Supersapiens app means more context and better decisions. Understand how nutrition is effecting sleep quality, and how sleep quality is effecting glucose, energy, and performance.

Athletes using an iPhone can enable automatic data import to the Supersapiens app from Apple Health to auto-create exercise events. Analysing your glucose data following a workout has never been easier.

Nolio offers training and performance monitoring apps that have introduced new ways to analyse data for endurance sports. Nolio workouts will import to Supersapiens as perform events. Nolio will also pull the minute-by-minute glucose data so that it can be overlaid with other health metrics to study correlations.

Supersapiens will automatically import exercise events and data, including pace, power, heart rate, distance, and speed. If enabled, you can see these data points in your exercise events in the Supersapiens app to add more context to your glucose levels. Make more informed decisions based on multiple key performance indicators.

Supersapiens integrates directly with WAHOO ELEMNT Bike Computers for live minute by minute glucose data and trend. WAHOO users can leave their phones at home after pairing their head unit directly with the Biosensor. Users can also import events that are captured by the ELEMNT companion application.

“Used the app to fine-tune a nutrition plan for my IRONMAN. Then used the app with my GARMIN 945 to see if it was working during the race. Worked great!”

Supersapiens User

2023 Survey

“TrainingPeaks integration in the Supersapiens Dashboard is the best. I can see my glucose versus my heart rate.”

Supersapiens User

2023 Survey

“The live reading on my Wahoo Bolt2 allows me to keep my glucose stable and avoid major drops, which would usually result in a loss of power on the bike.”

Lauren De Crescenzo

Gravel Cyclist