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Manage Your
Real-time glucose visibility.
The future of performance is here.
Visualize Your Fuel
Discover how your body reacts to fuel
in and out of training.

correlate glucose levels with desired performance

Determine optimal fuel ranges based on activity type and intensity.

low intensity event*

*example data

high intensity event*

*example data

Event analytics

Powerful metrics help you analyze your glucose response during workouts.

Critical insights help you calibrate your personal fueling strategy.

fuel for performance

Maintain your optimal fuel range.
Sustain peak performance in competition.

example data

glucose performance zone

Show up to the race properly loaded to sustain your optimal fuel range.

Make real-time adjustments with your live glucose reading to keep your fuel levels within your Glucose Performance Zone.

Manage recovery

Don't sacrifice your training with insufficient glucose levels. Monitor your glucose intake hour by hour.‍

Dipping below 70 mg/dL is known to impede your ability to replenish your fuel storage.
While spiking above 140 mg/dL has been associated with inflammation.

What post race meal gives you stable and sustainable energy?

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