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Your body is a machine:
know exactly how to fuel it.
Introducing a real-time energy management system for athletes, empowering you with live data and insights to the key variable for athletic performance: Glucose.
Unlock—and sustain—your body’s peak energy levels.
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Find your edge with
live glucose tracking.
Powered by Abbott Libre Sense Glucose Sport Biosensor, the Supersapiens app empowers athletes with real-time glucose data, providing deep and actionable insights so you know exactly when to fuel and what to fuel with to achieve next-level output.
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Make glucose your superpower
Before, fueling your body was a guessing game.
Now, with the Abbott Libre Sense Glucose Sport Biosensor, it’s a personal science.
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Gather actionable insights,
Achieve peak performance
With the Supersapiens app on your side,
you can analyze your exercise and fueling efforts
to know exactly what helps you achieve
your optimal output levels.
Know precisely how to improve
Every body is different, and every athlete has unique fueling needs. Glucose visibility is your key to knowing exactly what your needs are and when so your energy levels are always working toward– not against–your goals.
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Visualize how your body
responds to fuel
Monitor exactly how your body reacts to what you put in it.
Know where your fuel levels are headed and make real- time adjustments, thanks to Live glucose readings and your Trend Arrow.
Experiential Learning
with Deep Insights
Event Analytics provide crucial data on your optimal Glucose Zones at every moment–whether you’re performing, sleeping, or even fasting. Fine tune your unique fueling strategy for every type of activity.
Manage energy for your body
and your goals
The type (and timing) of optimal fueling varies significantly from body to body. Instead of copying another athlete’s winning strategy, work with your own Personalized Insights and Event Analytics.

Understand the impact of every activity on your glucose levels and correlate performance outcomes with specific Glucose Zones, so you can be empowered knowing exactly what works for you and when.
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Trusted by the best
Top tier athletes are using our technology to stay one step ahead.
How does glucose help?
Coming soon:
a device built specifically
for live-streaming glucose
The Supersapiens Reader Version Zero is our pioneering project specifically built to give athletes constant visibility to their real-time energy levels. No matter whether you’re in or out of competition, your body can remain in peak performance mode.
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The Abbott Libre Sense
Glucose Sport Biosensor
With the Supersapiens app, the Abbott Libre Sense Glucose Sport Biosensor helps you unlock first-of-its-kind insights into athletic fueling so you can make the right fueling choices to help you achieve your goals.
  • Streams glucose in real time
  • Up to 14 day continuous wear
  • Minute-by-minute data
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