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Athletes and Coaches
Optimize fueling and sustain peak performance.



Still guessing on fueling? Never again.

As athletes, we all know the pain and frustration of exhaustion due to poor fueling.

Optimize your fueling strategy with real-time glucose data, actionable insights, and personalized analytics. We’re here to help you achieve your performance goals.

Learn how to Fuel for Performance
Visualize your Fueling
Visualize the impact of what you eat in real-time.
Compare workouts
Analyze your training sessions with personalized event analytics.
Sustain peak performance
Discover and maintain your optimal fuel range—your Glucose Performance Zone.
Optimize Recovery
Manage your overall glucose intake with actionable insights.
Trusted by the best
Top tier athletes are using our technology to stay one step ahead.
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The Abbott Libre Sense
Glucose Sport Biosensor
With the Supersapiens app, the Abbott Libre Sense Glucose Sport Biosensor helps you unlock first-of-its-kind insights into athletic fueling so you can make the right fueling choices to help you achieve your goals.
  • Streams glucose in real time
  • Up to 14 day continuous wear
  • Minute-by-minute data
Not available in your country at this time.
Coming soon:
a device built specifically
for live-streaming glucose
The Supersapiens Reader Version Zero is our pioneering project built to give athletes constant visibility to their glucose levels.
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