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Abbott libre sense
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Performance Patch

performance patch

Protect your biosensor through the toughest training. Learn more.

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Abbott's Glucose Sport Biosensor

Streams minute-by-minute glucose data to the Supersapiens app.


The Supersapiens app is your personal data hub with powerful analytic tools.

The Energy Band / integrations

Real-time glucose data. On your wrist.
Currently integrates with select Garmin devices.

Learn more about the Energy Band. 
Learn more about Integrations. 


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Fuel to Prepare

Manage your fuel intake to effectively load before key workouts and races.

Show up well fuelled

Glucose loading

Visualise your fuel intake. Effectively load before key workouts and races. Know whether you are ready to go by seeing where your Trailing Average Glucose is.

Stable and Sustainable Fuel8

Understand how your body reacts to what you put in it. Experiment to find the best type of fuel for your body and the optimal timing to consume it.

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Fuel to Perform

Use real-time glucose visibility to maintain your optimal fuel range, go faster longer, and achieve your performance goals.

Optimise Fuelling.
Go Faster Longer.

Find your glucose performance zone

To train at and above your threshold, your body requires certain fuel levels. Learn what they are, maintain that zone, push your limits longer, and get bigger gains.9

Sustain Peak Performance Output for Longer

Real-time glucose visibility helps you make fuelling decisions to maintain your optimal fuel range.10

Fine Tune your fuelling strategy

Critical insights help you calibrate your personal fueling strategy. Find the fuel that provides stable and sustainable energy all day.

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Fuel to Recover

Manage your glucose levels to support glycogen replenishment and help reduce the impact of inflammation.

Fuel Your Recovery.
Prepare for your next workout.

Off-Hours Target Range

Maintain your Off-Hours Target Range. Avoid steep spikes or dips. Too high or too low can impact your body's ability to recover and prepare for the next workout.11,12

Off-Hours Glucose Zones

Understand how much time you are spending in each zone. Make intra-day decisions to manage your glucose levels and optimise recovery.

cover image
libre sense

The abbott libre sense
glucose sport biosensor.
A window into your body.

The small device worn on the back of the upper arm uses a thin, flexible filament inserted just under the skin to accurately detect glucose levels inside the body from the interstitial fluid - a thin layer of fluid surrounding the cells of the tissues just below your skin.

Icon - Streams data
Streams glucose live in real time
Icon - 14 days
Up to 14 day continuous wear
Icon - Minute by minute
Minute-by-minute data
Icon - Pain free
Pain-free, convenient application
Icon - Accurate
Icon - Swimming
Can be worn while swimming
Backed by science
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