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Access to real-time glucose data empowers you to discover the feeling of endless energy.
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Glucose: The Key Performance & Recovery metric

Use the Glucose Recovery Zone to optimize recovery. Minute-by-minute glucose levels empower you to make intraday nutrition decisions to stay in the blue, replenish your fuel stores, and help reduce inflammation.
Use the Glucose Performance Zone to go faster longer. Real-time glucose data allows you to make real-time fueling adjustments to sustain your pace or power.
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Your Performance Nutrition Coach

Take the guesswork out of fueling. Learn how to optimize your performance with the things you can control: the right type, timing, and amount of glucose intake.
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Informed decisions

Whether your goal is to cycle faster, run longer, or feel like you have more energy throughout the day, real-time glucose visibility keeps you accountable and enables you to make data-backed decisions.
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Deeper analysis with key integrations

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Real-Time Fueling Decisions
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