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Supersapiens has partnered with the following third-party fitness wearables and websites to facilitate the synchronization of data to or from the Supersapiens app.

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Your Supersapiens app will stream real-time glucose data to your Garmin device, ensuring real-time visibility into your fueling strategy. Your phone acts as a bridge between the biosensor and your Garmin device, so please note that you cannot stream data directly from your sensor to your watch.

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Supersapiens will automatically import your exercise events and data, including pace, power, heart rate, distance, and speed. If enabled, you can see these data points in your exercise events in the Supersapiens app to add more context to your glucose levels, allowing you to make more informed decisions based on multiple key performance indicators.

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Apple Health

Athletes using an iPhone can enable automatic data import to the Supersapiens app from Apple Health and create exercise events for you. Analyzing your glucose data following a workout has never been easier.

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