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Nutrition Data

Start training with real-time glucose data. Know exactly where your fuel levels are right now, and where they're headed next. Make real-time nutrition adjustments and start discovering the power of endless energy.

Available Data Fields
Live Glucose Reading
Know where your glucose levels are at any time. Know when to fuel to maintain your optimal energy levels ⁠— your Glucose Performance Zone.
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Know where your glucose levels are headed so you can make real-time fueling decisions to feel better and go faster longer.
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The only real time energy
management system for athletes
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connectivity & compatibility
Connects with the supersapiens app
The Supersapiens app acts as a communication bridge between the Abbott Libre Sense Glucose Sport Biosensor and your compatible Garmin device. The biosensor does not connect directly to your Garmin device.
compatible with:
Fēnix 6
Fēnix 6 pro
Fēnix 6s
Fēnix 6s pro
Fēnix 6x pro
Fēnix 5 plus
Fēnix 5s plus
Fēnix 5x plus
Forerunner 245
Forerunner 745
Forerunner 945
Forerunner 245 music
Venu SQ
Venu SQ music
Vivoactive 4
Vivoactive 4S
Edge 1030 Plus
Edge 1030
Edge 830
Edge 530
Edge 130 Plus
Edge 130
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